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Feeling Stressed & On The Edge?
Relax and unwind at home with your own unique Boho Paint Kit
Paint your stress away while creating your very own Boho Masterpiece 😍
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De-stress while you hand-paint your very own unique Boho Art & Experience...

  • Stress Relief: Indulge in a deeply relaxing experience that relieves your stress 
  • Increased Focus: Gain focus and sharpen your concentration 
  • Creative Outlet: Express their inner artist and create something meaningful  
  • ​Sense of Achievement: Boost your self-esteem with each completed art piece
  • Unique Art Piece: Decorate your space with your very own hand-painted art
Great For Beginners & Experienced Painters!
Our Guided Painting Process Walks You Through Each Section By Numbers 
So You'll Know Exactly Which Colors Go Where

Enjoy a relaxing mix of structure and freedom so you 
can to tap into your inner artist without feeling overwhelmed

Give yourself an uplifting, relaxing experience you'll feel refreshed by!

Choose from unique, one-of-a-kind Boho Art Pieces ready for you to paint!
How Can You Turn Stress To Serenity Today?

Stress Relief: A Deeply Relaxing Experience  - Imagine yourself standing before a blank canvas, your design ready for your creative touch. 

Let the world outside fade away as you step into your artistic space.

As you open the guided painting kit, you are greeted by a guided painting process on your canvas, a set of high-quality brushes ready for your artistic expression. 

With each step, you are gently guided through the process of creating a beautiful masterpiece, from selecting the right colors to blending them seamlessly.

Grasp your brush and let your worries and anxieties fade way, replaced by a surge of inspiration. 

With each stroke of color, pour your attention onto your canvas.

The rhythmic movements of painting can help to calm your mind and body, easing away tension and promoting relaxation.

Make your "Me Time" deeply fulfilling, mindful and memorable.

Increased Focus: Gain Focus, Clarity and Concentration - Picture yourself standing before your canvas, the world outside fading away as you become one with the colors, textures, and brushstrokes. 

With each deliberate movement, your mind quiets, distractions melt away, and your focus sharpens. 

Painting becomes a meditation, a way to deep concentration where worries and anxieties disappear.

The gentle rustle of the brush against the canvas, the soothing blend of hues, and the quiet hum of your own thoughts create a calmness that washes over you.

Painting requires you to be fully present in the moment, focusing on the colors, textures, and sensations you're experiencing. This mindfulness can help to reduce distractions and experience inner peace.

As you delve deeper into the world of painting, you'll find that your ability to focus and concentrate will improve, not just within the realm of art but also in your daily life, allowing you to approach life with greater clarity, calmness, and mindfulness.

Creative Outlet: Express Your Inner Artist - With each brushstroke, experience the satisfcation of creating something truly personal and meaningful. 

Completing your painting is not just the end of a's a celebration of your creativity, a symbol of your ability to transform blankness into beauty.

Sense of Achievement: Boost Your Self-Esteem With Each Completed Art Piece - The moment you lay down the brush, completing your masterpiece, a wave of exhilaration washes over you. 

You've transformed a blank canvas into a work of art and a celebration of your creativity and dedication.

Seeing the fruits of your efforts, watching your skills evolve and your image come to life feels inspiring.

As you stare at your finished painting, a sense of joy swells within you.

You've not only created something beautiful, but you've also expressed your unique view on the world, leaving a one-of-a-kind mark on the canvas and in your own heart.

Unique Art Piece: Decorate Your Space With Unique Boho Art - Unleash your inner artist and tap into boho genius you never knew you had with your Boho Paint kit - think Picasso..well, maybe not Picasso but definitely more like a Pro.

Imagine yourself walking into a room decorated with your own original artwork, a celebration of your growing artistic talent and personal style.

The colors harmonize with your décor, the brushstrokes reflect your unique touch, and the overall design gives an aura of uniqueness and originality.

Hanging your painting in a prominent spot in your home, allows it to bring joy and inspiration to you and those around you. 

You can also gift your creations to loved ones, sharing the gift of artistic expression and creating lasting memories.

Here's What You Get When You Order Your Boho Paint Kit Today:

Premium Boho Paint Kit ($150 Value)

- Melt your stress with an exclusive paint kit

Your Boho Paint Kit comes with:
✓ 1 Premium Pre-Printed Guided High-Quality Canvas
✓ Custom Printed Photo Reference Sheet
✓ Personalized & Labeled Deluxe Acrylic-Based Paint
✓ Set 1 Set of 3 High-End Paint Brushes (3 Sizes = 1 Small, 1 Medium, 1 Large)

Boho Paint Kit Tips & Tricks eBook ($10 Value)

- A simple guide on how to paint like Picasso..well, maybe not Picasso but definitely more like a Pro

4 Premium Digital Boho Art Prints ($120 Value)

- Spruce up your space with unique boho art prints that are sure to set the mood

Boho Home Decor Mood Board For Inspiration ($80 Value)

- Need a lil’ inspo for decorating your space boho style? This is your go-to

Free U.S. Shipping & Handling ($30 Value)

- Enjoy free U.S. shipping & handling when you pre-order your decor now
TOTAL = ($240 Value)
Enjoy fun, unforgettable, versatile boho decor you can paint yourself! 
...but, don't take our word for it!